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Boost my non-aeronautical revenues?

Non-aeronautical revenues represent, on average, 47% of an airport’s total revenue. This share has grown over the years, enabling airports to reduce their dependency on the aviation business cycle.

As competition between airport hubs grows, airports are investing to improve their infrastructure and facilities in order to increase their attractiveness to both airlines and passengers. Diversifying and maximizing their non-aeronautical revenues is vital to funding these initiatives.

How SITA can help

Did you know?

80% of airports will invest in business intelligence (BI) for revenue optimization and management by 2016
(Source: 2013 Airport IT Trends Survey).

SITA solutions drive commercial success for airports worldwide. Based on our extensive airport knowledge and expertise, our solutions enable airports to increase their income with services that bring additional convenience to the users while generating new revenue.

Our airport portfolio includes:

  • Multi-media and IT solutions - generate new income from advertising; flight information display system (FIDS) includes video wall software to enable you to generate extra revenue through selling, managing and scheduling advertising via kiosks and display screens
  • Business intelligence solutions - combined with location-based services operating on the latest proximity-sensing technology, help you gain customer insight, redirect passenger flow and increase retail spend, delivering context-aware marketing
  • Integrated billing system - minimize revenue erosion from billing errors and invoice delays
  • Specialists with experience in commercialization - provide a sustainable approach to transform a cost structure into a revenue-generating stream
  • Infrastructure Management – commercialize value-added services for your tenants and generate new sources of revenue for your airport

SITA facts and figures

  • SITA launched the first common-use Beacon Registry for the ATI in 2014
  • 90 airports and operators are using SITA Resource Management and AODB solutions
  • AirportVision is used by over 50 airports in the US, with up to 2,100 displays in a single airport

We have done it for others

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Outsourcing has saved Düsseldorf International a considerable amount of money while being an engine to generate new revenues. Before outsourcing, IT was very much a cost center - now it is an independent, profitable company.
Christian Jahncke, Managing Director, SITA Airport IT GmbH (SAIT)
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Airport Infrastructure Management commercialization

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Airport Campus LAN Management and Commercialization solutions allow airports to focus on their core business by entrusting their infrastructure to an expert partner.

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