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Better anticipate and react to cyberattacks?

Barely a day goes by without a cyberattack in the headlines. Thanks to its interconnectivity and complexity, the air transport industry is an attractive target for cyber threat actors. Premeditated cyberattacks can cause anything from delays and flight cancellations to global disruption and ripples of economic and social turmoil.

As the attack numbers grow and attack sophistication increases, new types and levels of risk cannot be overcome with increased IT spending alone.

Even though cybersecurity is on the top of the CIO agenda, only one third of boards at airlines and a fifth at airports, have fully integrated cybersecurity into their business plans.

How SITA can help

Did you know?

There are 1,000 cyberattacks every month across the air transport industry.

Here is how we can help you improve resilience to cyber risk in an effective and sustainable way:

  • Cyber threats identification: our consulting services supporting airlines and airports to develop the institutional understanding to manage cybersecurity risk to systems, assets, data and capabilities
  • Company assets protection: Crisis management and training tailored to the air transport context for risk mitigation control, help protect company’s key assets from cyber attacks
  • Cyber attack detection: Advanced monitoring services of companies' assets to prevent cybersecurity attacks tailored to scenarios relevant to the aviation sector
  • Cyber attack response:  Experts able to mitigate potential business impacts of an incident and support companies in the response process

Facts and figures

  • 1,000 cyberattacks every month across the air transport industry (Source: European Aviation Safety Agency, 2016)
  • 95% of airlines and 96% of airports are planning to invest in major cybersecurity programs over the next three years 
    (Source: 2017 Air Transport IT Trends Insight)
  • 35% of airlines and 30% of airports believe they are prepared to deal with cyberthreats today

SITA facts

SITA joined forces with AIRBUS to bring the air transport industry the first dedicated aviation Security Operations Center (SOC) that provides dedicated, perpetual cyber capability. The facility combines SITA’s  deep knowledge of ATI operations with the proven expertise of Airbus Cyber Defense in protecting organizations against cyber threats.

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As cyber-criminals’ tactics become ever more sophisticated and their attacks more coordinated, many airlines and airports are struggling to stay on top. SITA CyberSecurity is a comprehensive suite of expert security services that focus on the specific needs of the air transport industry (ATI).

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