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Prioritize my investment?

Airlines and airports spent US$29 billion on IT in 2016 and this is expected to rise to around US$33 billion in 2017.

This growing level of IT investment is focused on a wide range of major programs to improve the passenger experience and enhance operational efficiency.

How is it possible to benchmark what airlines and airports are investing in today and how will this change in the near future?

How SITA can help

Did you know?

Airline IT spend will increase to an estimated US$24.3 billion

SITA’s 2017 Air Transport IT Trends Insights provides airline and airport IT stakeholders and business managers essential guidance and benchmarking data for industry trends on IT spend and investment priorities, emerging technology and highlights:

  • Which solutions and technologies are airlines and airports investing in now?
  • Where will IT play a key role in developing new capabilities in the next few years?
  • How is the ATI investing in technology to meet industry-wide challenges such as cybersecurity, bag tracking and identity management? 

For the first time, key insights from SITA’s Airline and Airport IT trends surveys have been brought together in a new format, that allows you to compare and analyze airport and airline technology trends at a glance.

SITA facts and figures

  • Airlines’ IT spend as a percentage of revenue will rise to an estimated 3.30%, or US$24.3 billion, in 2017 (up from 3.10%, or US$21.9 billion, in 2016)
  • Airports’ IT spend as a percentage of revenue will rise to an expected 5.05%, or US$8.43 billion, in 2017 (up from 4.42%, or US$7.0 billion, in 2016)
  • 95% of airlines and 96% of airports plan to invest in major programs or R&D on cyber security initiatives over the next three years

Data you can trust

SITA’s IT Trends research is well established and respected as the global benchmarking survey for the air transport industry, enabling IT stakeholders at airlines and airports to gain valuable insight into key investment priorities and the associated technology roadmap.

SITA’s research, which was co-sponsored by ACI, reveals valuable insights for our industry. It is encouraging to see the alignment of investment priorities among airports and airlines, which reflects the collaboration between ACI and IATA on best practices. ACI and IATA have joint initiatives such as Automated Border Control, end-to-end baggage tracking (Facilitation), Data Exchange, Common-Use (Airport IT) and Smart Security. Industry partners such as SITA and others are also involved in these initiatives to make airports more efficient and to improve the passenger experience.

Antoine Rostworowski, Airport Customer Experience and Technology, Airports Council International (ACI)


SITA’s IT trends insights are based on the findings from its annual Airline & Airport IT Trends Surveys.

2017 Airline IT Trends Survey

  • The airline survey was first produced in 1999, and was designed to offer all air transport industry stakeholders the latest facts, figures and trends related to technology adoption and spending
  • During spring this year questionnaires were sent to senior IT executives in each of the top 200 passenger carriers, including low cost operators, together with carriers representing important players in the regional and leisure sectors
  • The survey represents the views and insights of carriers representing 41% of the global passenger traffic

2017 Airport IT Trends Survey

  • The 14th annual Airport IT Trends Survey continues to be the most extensive study of IT trends within the global airport industry
  • The study took place in the second quarter of 2017 and focused on senior IT executives at the world’s airports
  • This year’s survey results came from respondents who collectively represent the view of 229 airports. The airports participating in this year’s research represent 41% of the global traffic, or 2.99 billion passengers.

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Key insights from SITA’s Airline and Airport IT trends surveys have been brought together in a new interactive format.
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