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Improve my operations through better collaboration?

The air transport industry (ATI) is a complex ecosystem. Airlines must collaborate with multiple stakeholders inside and outside the airport. Operational decisions always impact many others. Even in cases of simple changes, such as flight delays, informing and coordinating can be fragmented and time-consuming, leading to unnecessary disruptions for the passenger.

To make fast and informed decisions and offer a better passenger experience, airlines must share information in real-time, working together with their stakeholders as one.

How SITA can help

Did you know?

That Star Alliance is a great example of the value of collaboration in the travel industry:

28 airline organizations from around the world, representing


employees, flying to



airports in








(Source: Star Alliance member airlines)

With our expertise in data exchange, and our position at the heart of the ATI, SITA is constantly exploring the potential for collaboration.

We enable airlines to collaborate more effectively with their stakeholders by:

  • Providing information and resource management capabilities to all  staff, ground handlers, airports and distributors
  • Enabling real-time management of equipment and staff with a powerful scheduling tool able to react to a large number of passengers or a high degree of seasonal fluctuations
  • Driving optimal operational performance from cabin crew and ground staff through powerful mobility solutions
  • Enabling collaboration through operational messaging solutions to exchange communications and data efficiently and easily, through multiple direct-link options, including mission-critical operations
  • Providing a comprehensive suite of unified communications solutions, to foster a collaborative environment for your airline sales team, front desk users and call center agents while controlling telecommunications costs
  • Providing agility and flexibility through the SITA ATI Cloud for a truly effective collaboration among all stakeholders, who can access custom applications and software unique to their profile to benefit from on-demand IT services
  • Accessing IT applications in real time on shared, common use equipment

SITA facts and figures

  • 2,400 + ATI companies use SITA Messaging services
  • 165 + airlines use our passenger operations services globally and our common-use systems board more than 100 million passengers per year
  • SITATEX handles more than 800 million messages every year and connects over 20,000 users

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