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Airline revenues and profitability are increasingly dependent on network concentration, hub-and-spoke strategies and new routes. New destinations – even if temporary – are often necessary to keep up with passenger demand and competition.

Opening a new route requires more than just obtaining the necessary permissions. Airlines need to assess the viability of a route via forecasting, planning, scheduling and pricing. And they need to ensure the right IT and communications infrastructure are in place to support their operations.

How SITA can help

Did you know?

World class airlines can open a new route in as few as 10 days

Our global presence and technology solutions can significantly reduce the time required to open a new route – or to optimize an existing one, profitably. SITA can ensure you stay ahead of your competition while maximizing your revenue potential.


Our solutions help you:

  • Analyze passenger flows across your network and maximize passenger connections
  • Evaluate potential profitability of new routes
  • Develop the right pricing strategy
  • Optimize flights across your network through origin and destination (O&D) inventory management
  • Provide a booking portal with local language and payment options
  • Analyze passenger flows and volumes across your network and let you know where the demand is
  • Quickly start connectivity in new destinations through a readily available pre-connected cloud and AirportHub™ infrastructure with powerful desktop solutions
  • Establish a rapid connection of an office in a new destination
  • Optimize performance from the network to end-user application level,  giving a headquarter-like experience in remote locations
  • Facilitate operational message exchange with new partners on these routes such as governments, catering, handlers, etc.

No matter where you fly, with SITA’s global presence, best-in-class connectivity applications and unified global support model, we are best positioned to support the development of your route network.

SITA facts and figures

  •  Cloud computing can enable you to provision a new site within 3 days
  •  Integrated outstation solutions can reduce number of suppliers to one Single Point of Contact in your new outstations by 75%

We have done it for others

  • We innovate
  • We advise
  • We design
  • We manage
Where available, SITA Express IP* is a preferred solution at the airports we fly to, as it has proven to be easy to implement, reliable and costs effective.
Nick Teale, Worldwide Data Networks Manager, British Airways
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