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Comply with IATA Resolution 753?

Comply with IATA Resolution 753?

IATA Resolution 753 came into effect in June 2018.

This resolution requires IATA airlines to keep tabs on every item of baggage from start to finish or, in its own words, “maintain an accurate inventory of baggage by monitoring the acquisition and delivery of baggage”.

BagJourney is SITA’s ready-to-go solution for fulfilling this new resolution by helping to reduce mishandling and costs while improving customer satisfaction.

How SITA can help

Did you know?

Mishandled baggage cost the air transport industry US$2.3 billion

SITA Baggage Management enables airlines to meet Resolution 753 by tracking, tracing and managing baggage from check-in to final destination.  This integrated solution helps to ensure more bags are correctly loaded and fewer bags are mishandled all the while enhancing the passenger experience.

SITA Baggage Management:

  • Updates airport baggage systems in advance of the bags arriving so that appropriate decisions can be made about how bags should be sorted or loaded
  • Matches bags to departing passengers and tracks them in real-time throughout the airport
  • Repatriates bags faster and at a lower cost through an industry global database of missing bags
  • Tracks bags like parcels and provides a precise picture of a bag’s current global location no matter how many airlines or airports handle the bag

Facts and figures

  • 4.65 billion bags were carried
  • 22.7 million bags were mishandled
  • US$2.3 billion baggage mishandling cost to the industry

This cost needs to be reduced further and makes a compelling case for IATA Resolution 753 to deploy bag tracking throughout the journey.

We have done it for others

At Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport Rome, we’ve implemented the airport’s bag reconciliation, messaging and management systems. Over two years, mishandling rates for airlines using the airport have dropped by 70%, saving the airlines approximately US$36m.

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With SITA's BagJourney we can follow passengers' bags through every stage of their travels, which helps reduce mishandling and delays.
Abe Dev, Senior Technology Manager, Etihad Airways
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