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Better manage disruption and irregular operations?

Airlines operate in a volatile, ever-changing environment. They are influenced by many external factors that impact their business – on the ground and in the air. Extreme weather conditions, industrial action, air traffic congestion, security alerts and other disruptions can damage an airline’s reputation and generate unexpected costs. To deal with such occurrences, airlines need the agility to restore normal services swiftly and cost-efficiently.

How SITA can help

Did you know?

87% of airlines plan to use self-service technologies to improve passenger services during periods of disruption (Source: Airline IT Trend Survey 2014)

Our solutions are flexible and scalable to meet your specific needs. SITA’s portfolio allows agility and collaboration while managing disruption and irregular operations.

Our solutions include:

  • Flexible reservations and departure control systems facilitating re-accommodation
  • Self-service applications empowering passengers and freeing up resources
  • Scalable and agile contact center capabilities
  • Quick start connectivity with readily available desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) through our pre-connected ATI Cloud
  • Reliable and scalable communications infrastructure wherever you fly
  • Tablet- and radio-based workforce mobility solutions
  • Community-based messaging solutions for the exchange of operational messaging within the airline and between stakeholders
  • Baggage management capabilities to track, reconcile and trace throughout the journey and minimize the number of lost bags
  • Common-use infrastructure at the airport, leveraging DaaS capabilities, allowing for immediate re-assignment of desks in times of disruption

SITA facts and figures

  • Truly global infrastructure pre-connected to 380 airports; 17,000 air transport sites; 15,000 commercial aircraft
  • SITA's Professional Mobile Radio offers up to 99.99% system availability

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