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As air traffic continues to grow significantly, our airspace becomes more congested day by day.

The Single European Sky packages include the creation of functional airspace blocks (FABs), regionalizing airspaces, while other initiatives from EUROCONTROL or ANSP alliances are optimizing air traffic control (ATC) communications infrastructures with both air-to-ground and ground networks.

These regional airspace initiatives can accommodate increased traffic, optimize aircraft traffic control and minimize costs.  Air navigation service providers can benefit by replacing national networks with regional ones, while also complying with ATC safety rules and European Commission mandates.

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The European air traffic management (ATM) system currently handles around 26,000 flights daily. Forecasts indicate air traffic levels are likely to double by 2020. (Source: Eurocontrol)

SITA is giving the European ANSPs the ability to create a regional VHF data link network by supplying each of them with SITA developed VDL ground stations and network management systems. These systems will facilitate the integration of their national networks into a regional network, taking advantage of the Pan European Network Service (PENS) that SITA already provides via Eurocontrol.

By entering into a datalink VHF partnership with SITA, ANSPs in different regions are able to deploy a state-of-the-art regional VDL network and comply with the ICAO aviation system block upgrades as well as other regional implementation plan commitments.

SITA can also work with the ANSPs to integrate and manage their regional ground communication networks that often use a variety of satellite and other technology solutions. As ANSPs focus on their air traffic management core business, SITA can focus on the integration of their communications infrastructures.

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