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Video conferencing is easier than ever with enhanced connectivity and affordable video-ready hardware.

SITA Voice Services is a simple, cost-efficient fixed voice service, designed specifically for the air transport industry. It allows you to communicate easily and effectively with key partners anywhere in the world, regardless of your location.

By integrating voice and data into one secure network, it can help you improve productivity, reduce overall costs and streamline your operations.

25,000+ corporate telephony users are supported by SITA

How it helps

The air transport industry is constantly evolving and in today's response to providing remote working. Companies need to find new ways to cut costs and improve productivity. A key area is communications, with organizations paying increasingly high rates to make international calls and operate separate voice and data networks. SITA Voice Services provides an intelligent, cost-effective solution which can help you save money and manage your network more efficiently.

  • Optimize and control your voice network and usage costs across multiple sites
  • Centralize and standardize your fixed voice infrastructure for greater ROI
  • Modernize and simplify your fixed voice infrastructure with SIP trunking services.
  • Reach new markets and future-proof your business


  • Provides a real-time service on the largest Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network
  • Includes web-based billing and management reporting tools
  • Delivers a guaranteed end-to-end quality of service for the best possible user experience
  • Provides a tailored, integrated solution to fit your specific business requirements
  • Flexible and scalable, allowing you to extend your network to new locations
  • Offers increased visibility and control of total voice spend (e.g. infrastructure and carriage services)
  • Improves productivity and facilitates interaction between employees across the globe
  • Provides a simple, effective global telecommunications solution via a single secure network

Your benefits

SITA is the world’s leading air transport and communications specialist. No other supplier has our global reach or our years of experience, and our products and services are second to none.

SITA Voice Services is our state-of-the-art, cost-efficient fixed voice and data service. By integrating voice and data into one network, we can save you time and money, optimize your communications and improve operational efficiency. You’ll be able to provide a smoother, more professional service and respond quickly and securely to customers and key business partners. SITA Voice Services is a proven, single network solution, designed specifically for the air transport industry. It is available in over 100 countries and is currently connecting over 25,000 users across the globe.

25,000+ corporate telephony users are supported by SITA

  • Organizations across the industry are paying increasingly high fees to operate separate voice and data networks and make international calls. Improve productivity, reduce overall costs and streamline your operations by combining services.
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