Horizon® Revenue Integrity

Eliminates unproductive bookings to increase revenues


Horizon Revenue Integrity exists to reduce revenue leakage caused by reservations that do not lead to real passengers taking real trips. It does this through a variety of checks or processes, each tailored to a particular type of problem or source of leakage.

To implement these checks Revenue Integrity utilizes extracted reservations data to search for bookings that require attention. It will also leverage SITA Horizon Reservations and Ticketing functionality for providing real-time feeds of passenger name records (PNRs).

When Revenue Integrity finds a potential problem of revenue leakage, it takes action based on airline rules and configuration. For example, Revenue Integrity automatically cancels unticketed or waitlisted segments or queues them to the agent together with instructions on how to remedy the booking. At any time, a detailed picture of all revenue integrity issues is available through the online reporting suite.

Revenue Integrity monitors, identifies and eliminates bad bookings, either in overnight batch mode or in real-time mode.

How it helps

Revenue Integrity analyzes, challenges and removes duplicate bookings as soon as they are made, enabling you to resell seats while demand is still strong.

Revenue Integrity generates a feedback process, leading to further improvement of forecasting. It also reduces global distribution system (GDS) costs by cancelling unproductive bookings prior to departure.

Whether you use GDSs, online travel agencies, or corporations and consolidators to distribute your inventory, Revenue Integrity is a fully compatible service designed to complement SITA’s Reservations.


Highly configurable

  • Provides control over your rollout and subsequent actions, exclusions and exceptions
  • Recognizes some airlines will prefer to manage different markets or customer groups in different ways such as certain sales territories or routes

Menu of up to 20 revenue integrity processes

Revenue Integrity features 20 different checks to target revenue leakage.

Revenue Integrity diagram

Revenue Integrity checks

Some or all of the Revenue Integrity checks can be implemented by a customer according to their own business need.

A self-service facility is available allowing customers to make changes to their business rules without having to contact SITA.

Detailed reporting

  • Choose daily, weekly or monthly
  • Details all actions carried out by SITA Revenue Integrity
  • Provides a proactive approach to addressing abuse by key sensitive passenger groups
  • Offers views of the big or detailed picture of all revenue integrity issues
  • Can be fed into an internal scorecard to assist sales

Revenue Integrity

Revenue Integrity click here to enlarge

Your benefits

Revenue Integrity is a low-cost investment yielding quick returns. It is simple and fast to implement and it creates value by increasing revenue and avoiding spoilage.

Other benefits

  • Reduced costs – reduces no-shows and generates savings on global distribution system (GDS) booking fees
  • Improved customer satisfaction – fewer offloads and downgrades, better access to the true available inventory of seats
  • Cost-effective technology – no capital or overhead outlay required

Global support

Horizon is provided on an application service provider (ASP) basis, with SITA managing the technology, allowing you to focus on your business. Service includes guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs), 24 x 7 helpdesk support and application monitoring.

SITA’s infrastructure is supported by SITA Global Services (SGS), which provides you with global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures your IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock, around the world.

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