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MessageIntelligence is a self-service web platform providing insight into airlines’ Type B Messaging traffic activity. The service consolidates disparate data across the whole customer organization in a single self-service application.

Providing airlines with a deep understanding of their Type B data activity, MessageIntelligence helps airlines to  better understand usage, uncover potential gaps and fix operational issues.

The platform provides robust reporting and archive capabilities, featuring standard reporting on traffic trends and usage and a Type B searchable database. With MessageIntelligence, airlines can access data on traffic sent, received and double signed, regardless of the source.  This means that airlines have access to their operational messaging traffic data even if it is not originated by them.

Only MessageIntelligence can provide Airlines with a deep understanding of their Type B data activity.

18 months archive capability

How it helps

A recent study from Gartner shows that 90% of large organizations will have a Chief Data Officer by 2019 as data is increasingly seen as critical to them.

For most airlines, data is held and generated from outsourced applications (DCS, Reservations systems, etc.) and these are generating messages on their behalf. Airlines are therefore losing the ability to have full management, visibility and ownership of their data.

MessageIntelligence enables an airline to have a clear view of their Type B messaging usage anywhere, anytime. As a result, it allows increased efficiency as it helps identify areas requiring management's attention.

MessageIntelligence helps them and other air transport players enhance the value of information by providing accurate data, making their organizations more efficient, competitive and profitable.

MessageIntelligence features two modules:

  • The archive module allows customer’s Type B message exchanges to be traced and read, enabling actions to be reviewed and validated for efficient problem solving and business operations. It’s a single repository for Type B traffic regardless of the source, making the monitoring process much simpler. With this module, 18 months of Type B messages can be retrieved increasing the intrinsic value of data.
  • The reporting module offers increased flexibility as reports can be run anytime. Being a self-service tool, a client is not dependent on other parties.

Why us?

MessageIntelligence relies on SITA expertise and industry relationship and provides traffic usage understanding of the large ATI community of over 2,400 members.

MessageIntelligence is consolidating disparate data across the customer organization in a single self-service application.

It is a customer’s one stop shop, for traffic sent, received and double signed, regardless of the source. This means that a customer has access to their traffic even if it is not originated by them.

SITA Global Services

This product is supported by a dedicated multilingual operations team which provides monitoring and support 24/7/365 from command centers in Montreal and Singapore, ensuring global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures your IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock, around the world.

Our experts proactively monitor your infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems often before they impact your services.

18 months archive capability

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