Baggage source messaging for errant transfer bags


There is no other product on the market like SITA BagConnect.

Using proprietary data from the only global message distribution service (SITA BagMessage), BagConnect is able to monitor messages and bags. It can detect when messages have not been sent to a transfer airport baggage handling system and generates a pseudo-baggage source message (BSM).

Every bag handled manually can cost an airport between US$ .50 and 1.00. Mishandled bags cost $100 each*. And that’s not counting the reputational damage resulting from poor quality of service. BagConnect has a major effect reducing manually handled bags – with zero capital expenditure and rapid service deployment.

*SITA Baggage Report

BagConnect Use cases
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10%of transfer bags have no baggage source messages

How it helps

Up to 10% of bags arrive at  transfer airports with no BSMs. These bags cannot be processed automatically and must be handled manually, delaying the processing time by roughly 25%.

BagConnect provides the data the arrival baggage handling system requires to identify inbound bags. It generates a “pseudo BSM” and sends it to the transfer airport, allowing erroneously tagged bags to be sorted to their correct flights. BagConnect also uses the messages passing through BagMessage to generate terminating BSMs, which can be used to support the monitoring and measuring of inbound and arrival bags.

Key features

  • Imposes a time limit (within X minutes of inbound flight arrival) before sending pseudo-BSM to facilitate sorting
  • Follows local procedures to ensure only authorized bags are loaded on outbound flights from transfer airports
  • Fully managed ASP service, co-located with the BagMessage service in the SITA Data Center
  • Full usage reporting available to the airline and/or airport for which messages are being generated
  • Supports IATA Recommended Practice 1745 for transfer and terminating BSMs
  • Fast setup and implementation, especially for existing BagMessage customers


  • Reduced rate of mishandled bags and associated costs – financial and reputational
  • Improved levels of on-time departures
  • Lowered costs associated with manual handling of bags
  • Enhanced passenger experience

Why us?

BagConnect is a unique SITA managed service. It uses data from BagMessage, SITA’s centralized baggage message distribution service, to generate pseudo baggage source messages (BSMs) and also delivers them to airport baggage sortation and handling systems. 

With BagMessage, SITA provides unparalleled coverage, distributing more than 3.1 billion messages each year linking 500+ airlines with baggage systems at over 200 airports.

SITA Global Services

BagConnect is supported by SITA Global Services (SGS), which provides global business continuity through a flexible service model. Our monitoring service ensures your IT systems are reliable and available, around the clock and around the world.

Our experts proactively monitor your infrastructure, identifying and resolving problems before they impact your business.

BagConnect Use cases
- 209 kb

10%of transfer bags have no baggage source messages

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