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Connected Aircraft solutions

SITAONAIR’s Connected Aircraft solutions enable airlines to achieve the full potential – from nose to tail. This means your fleet is online all the time, wherever it is in the world. Passengers enjoy a better inflight experience, pilots benefit from paperless operations and real-time information, while cabin crew are better equipped to enhance the passenger journey and grow ancillary revenues.

The Connected Aircraft tailored solutions will allow you to deliver on your strategic goals – regardless of fleet size, route structure or aircraft type.

Improve passenger experience

Passengers want hassle-free, fast online access throughout their journey. SITAONAIR provides inflight connectivity with consistent global coverage for inflight mobile phone and Wi-Fi services, as well as engaging wireless inflight entertainment.

Grow ancillary revenues

A personalized experience for passengers builds brand loyalty and is more likely to lead to higher revenues. With no paper-based processes, cabin crew efficiency improves along with customer satisfaction. There’s also the advantage of a secure retail experience through real-time credit card authorization.

Improve airline and passenger safety

Having connectivity between air traffic control and the cockpit allows for real-time flight tracking and better management of inflight disruptions. Cockpit crew will receive real-time and visual flight information services, such as weather forecasts, rather than having to rely on out of date information issued before departure.

Improve operational efficiency

Anticipating and managing flight disruptions can result in major savings. Aircraft with accurate weather information will also benefit from more fuel-efficient flights. On the ground, airlines can reduce turnaround times by automating their communications between pilots and operational control.

SITAONAIR can meet your connectivity needs.

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Enabling ANSPs

As air traffic increases, so does the need for failsafe procedures that leverage new technologies. SITAONAIR’s services cover both the airport tower and en-route environments, allowing air navigation service providers (ANSPs) to exchange information with the aircraft. By automating routine tasks, full connectivity solutions help air navigation providers remove operational problems caused by excessive controller and pilot workload.

They also provide the means to communicate digitally, reducing any misunderstanding and improving overall safety. And by using real-time flight tracking, there is the opportunity to increase airspace capacity.

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