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Where ISVs can maximize their potential

The ATI Cloud offers significant value to independent software vendors (ISVs). Not only does the ATI Cloud allow ISVs to optimize back office operations using 'as-a-service' computing resources, it also connects ISVs to a broader, global market. By cloud-enabling their existing applications, ISVs can increase their visibility and interaction with suppliers and partners in the air transport industry.

How the ATI Cloud benefits ISVs

In the videos below, SITA introduces the benefits of the ATI Cloud for ISVs and you’ll hear from Zetes Industries and Mxi Technologies on how they perceive the value of the ATI Cloud.

Brent Phillips, Senior Manager, ATI Cloud Portfolio Strategy, SITA, explains how the ATI Cloud can help ISVs to drive efficiency, grow their market, and streamline costs.

Jan Vermeesch, Vice President, Business Development and Marketing, Zetes Industries, reveals a new proposition that will optimize operations and return-on-investment in airline catering.

Michael Egan, Director, Air Transport Industry and Global Alliances, Mxi Technologies, introduces a new software product that integrates business processes across the entire organization.

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