Jonas Kjellberg

Jonas Kjellberg

Co-creator of Skype, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor and Author

Jonas Kjellberg, a co-creator of SKYPE, is a respected lecturer, author and venture investor. Jonas is currently part of BCG Digital Ventures, a corporate investment and incubation firm dedicated to inventing, building, investing in and launching category-changing businesses at start-up speed for the world's most influential companies.

As one of the founding partners of SKYPE, Jonas was part of one of the internet’s biggest businesses – an innovative idea that has gone on to revolutionize and disrupt the telecommunications sector.

As a speaker, Jonas addresses all aspects of contemporary business both in the tech sector and elsewhere: from the specifics of sales, product, innovation, culture, and growth, to broader examinations of the business climate and entrepreneurship.

Jonas is also an experienced Venture Investor. As head of Internet Investments at Kinnevik, a Swedish investment company with a global reach, Jonas was part of transforming the company into a global tech investor by investing more than 700 million Euros into new Internet giants as Zalando, Rocket Internet, Avito, Lamoda, Jabong, and Hallo Fresh. Jonas was also the Chairman of iCloud, sold to Apple, and founder of Player:IO.