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360 China Report 2016

Despite recent economic challenges, China’s population continues to travel and passengers have higher expectations that airlines and airports need to meet.

Passenger numbers are expected to rise to 1.3 billion by 2034 - a remarkable 856 million more than 2014.


Insights on smarter customer service and smarter operations from airlines and airports in China to manage the rapid growth of passenger numbers are outlined in this report, available in Chinese and English.

Download the report to learn:

  • The percentage of airports in mainland China are investing in new technology compared to the global average
  • The percentage that airlines in China are spending of their IT budget on innovation compared to the global average
  • The percentage of passengers that prefer using an airport counter verses those that would prefer to use their own technology for check-in
  • The percentage of passengers that want to use their smartphones for identification purposes and access
  • Other key statistics, facts & figures
  • Latest trends in: technology investment and usage within air travel, airport and airline IT investment and passenger behavior
  • Latest industry innovations in China: “off-airport” check-in, self-service, “Smart Airports”

For valuable insights into these and related topics, download 360 China report 2016 for free (registration required).

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