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The Passenger IT Trends Survey shows that, while passengers prefer tech to people, passengers with distinct profiles interact with technology in a different way.

But which profiles are dominant in various regions of the world? Which technology would passengers use the most?

Download our regional fact sheets to find out.


96% of passengers in Brazil carry at least one mobile device and 74% use website, mobile apps or kiosks to print boarding passes.

Read the detailed facts:

Brazil fact sheet


Chinese passengers are the happiest with 92% feeling positive emotions along the journey.

Read the detailed facts:

China fact sheet


In Europe websites are hugely popular - 80% of passengers book, 35% check-in and 31% get their boarding passes online.

Read the detailed facts:

Europe fact sheet


94% of passengers in Mexico carry at least one mobile device and 48% carry a tablet. 81% would use bag update notifications on their devices

Read the detailed facts:

Mexico fact sheet


98% of passengers in Russia carry a smartphone, and mobile booking is expected to nearly double from 10% to 19% in 2017.

Read the detailed facts:

Russia fact sheet

South Korea

98% of passengers in South Korea carry a smartphone but less than half (48%) use self-service where it is available.

Read the detailed facts:

South Korea fact sheet

United Arab Emirates

In the UAE 96% of passengers are happy during dwell time and 71% would use baggage notifications on their mobiles.

Read the detailed facts:

United Arab Emirates fact sheet

United States

82% of passengers in the USA prefer booking their flight online and 49% use their mobile devices on-board.

Read the detailed facts:

United States fact sheet

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