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Passenger IT Trends Survey 2014

Today's passengers are tech-savvy and laden with mobile devices. But what do they really think about technology in travel?


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The 2014 Passenger IT Trends Survey, co-sponsored by Air Transport World and SITA, looks at the role and impact of IT on the passenger experience. It asks the questions that every airline and airport should be asking themselves:

  • Should we invest in websites or kiosks?
  • Should we invest more in mobile? If so, which services?
  • Should we accelerate our strategy around wearable computing?

This year's survey, which marks the ninth edition, queried over 6,000 travelers worldwide. It represents 76% of total passenger traffic - compared to 50% last year.

Topics in this year's survey

  • The passenger experience today
  • The technologies passengers value most - today and tomorrow
  • Passenger appetite for additional mobile services
  • Wearable technology - are passengers ready for it?

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