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Airport IT Trends Survey 2016

Security increasing priority for tech investments by world’s airports

Airport IT Trends Survey 2016

This year’s results show that airports are placing a higher priority on IT investments for passenger and airport security with 50% rating it a high priority, up from 37% last year.

That moves it up to 2nd in the overall IT priority list, behind passenger processing.

Based on a survey of 225 leading airports, the 2016 Airport IT Trends Survey provides a clear insight on airports' IT strategic thinking and developments.



of airports rate passenger and airport security as a high priority

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SITA 2016机场IT趋势调查结果显示,将旅客和机场安全方面的IT投资视作高优先级的机场占比为50%,而去年的调查显示这一比例仅为37%。 使其在 IT 优先列表上的排名上升至第 2位,位列旅客处理之后。 SITA 2016机场IT趋势调查在全球排名前列的225家机场中展开,为机场IT战略和发展提供清晰洞察。 pdf - 2.80 Mb
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