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Munich Airport - service excellence during rapid growth

We owe this success not least to SITA’s commitment and professionalism. You worked continuously in and around our terminal – we are ‘World Champion’ and would like to thank you for it!

Maria Dahlhaus and Stefan Landes , Managing Directors, Terminal 2 Gesellschaft mbH &Co oHG
14 June 2017

Double honors for a growing and expanding airport

Europe's first airport to be awarded five stars by Skytrax, the highly respected aviation research institute, Munich Airport received another highly coveted accolade at the Skytrax 2017 World Airport Awards when its Terminal 2 was honored as the world's number one terminal. Terminal 2 opened in 2003, but now includes a midfield satellite facility that has increased the overall capacity of Munich Airport to more than 50 million passengers per year. Terminal 2 was designed to keep connecting times to a minimum and is one of the world's most advanced airport buildings, but also offers passengers a wide range of shopping and dining options. Gates are designed as future-ready waiting areas and passengers can find everything from quiet zones with comfortable lounge chairs to free WLAN access, electric outlets and USB connections. Those not scheduled to depart from the satellite can still sneak a peek at it, since all passengers with boarding cards can take the short trip via an underground people mover.

The challenge

After winning the assignment from Terminal 2 Gesellschaft mbH & Co oHG in December 2013, SITA faced the prospect of needing to complete a challenging transfer from the incumbent with implementation into live operations by the second half of 2014. Although the official start of the 6-year service contract was January 2015, SITA had to hit the ground running during implementation and transition while ensuring business continuity.

SITA solutions

Through a highly motivated and customer focused service team, SITA provides seamless service to Terminal 2 Gesellschaft. At the heart of this is AirportConnect® Open – SITA’s delivery platform that uses an array of the latest technologies to enable airports, airlines and their handling agents to access their respective IT applications in real time on shared equipment. AirportConnect Open is the only platform capable of providing an integrated approach to common-use terminal equipment (CUTE), common-use passenger processing systems (CUPPS) and common-use self-service (CUSS) kiosks hosted on one platform.

This allows Terminal 2 Gesellschaft to benefit from SITA passenger processing services at 630 workstations and 156 self-boarding gates throughout the terminal and its satellite.

These benefits include:

  • A flexible, efficient and cost-effective method to access critical operational information such as key data to manage check-in desk and gate availability
  • Improved operational performance through maximized use of real estate and other resources
  • Leveraging IT infrastructure by using existing assets to deliver new capabilities as adoption of new technologies grows, such as self-boarding

SITA provides full end-to-end service with dedicated, knowledgeable staff capable of delivering a cohesive approach, not just to the operations, but also to the development of the platform. In addition, SITA provides dedicated support resources and brings in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the air transport industry together with an understanding of each customer’s business needs and works in partnership to help work through challenges.

The results

SITA is a key provider in the terminal’s complete service chain, and delivered seamless passenger processing operations for about 28 million passengers there in 2016 alone. Terminal 2 Gesellschaft – and its customers – are already experiencing the benefits of SITA’s commitment to world class Service Excellence through increased Service Availability, including a substantial reduction in incident volumes with no SLA infringements. The team consistently delivers above challenging SLAs despite absorbing the addition of the Terminal 2 satellite.

SITA’s success is based on a combination of its skilled and highly motivated team and focus on a pre-emptive and preventative approach. This spans the use of predictive analysis of operational data to improve resilience, diligent maintenance of systems to the latest levels, to keeping peripherals in good working order. Its unique approach to providing an experienced site manager and systems administration, interacting closely with the customer and its own renown engineering and quality assurance specialists, are additional important aspects of its “customer centric” approach.

Successful passenger processing benefits airports by maximizing aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenues, improving efficiency, increasing passenger throughput and reducing costs. The smart use of technology in passenger processing can improve the profitability of airlines, airports and ground handlers while enhancing the passenger experience.

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