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Not only did we get a solution that is easy to use and works around the clock but also one that fits within our budget.

Glen Maus , President, Magee Plastics
13 June 2012

Simplifying the 24/7 aircraft parts trading market

Magee Plastics, a US based manufacturing company, selected SKYFORM Online, to efficiently manage incoming orders from its airline customers.

Magee has a 44-year reputation for engineering and manufacturing the finest FAA-approved thermoplastic and composite products for airplanes such as sidewall panels, window assemblies, air grills and a vast range of interior components that meet and exceed customer and OEM standards.

The MRO sector is extensive and consists of numerous players including airlines, operators, aircraft part suppliers and OEMs. The large scale in which this sector operates requires standardization and simplification to ensure all parties can continue trading aircraft parts and operating 24/7. The aerospace supply chain logistics need to exchange electronic documents related to their supply chain business transactions. Buyers need to issue purchase orders, sellers need to issue shipping notices and invoices.

SITA’s response to this complexity is SKYFORM Online which is available as an add-on to SITATEX Online. SKYFORM Online is an end-to-end managed service for simplified and fast exchange of commercial information between airlines, aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers, and complies with the SPEC2000 XML industry standard for electronic trading.

Magee Plastics approached SITA to identify a solution to allow their staff access from laptops at various locations throughout the manufacturing facility. Thanks to SKYFORM Online, Magee Plastics is now able to instantly access new orders for aircraft parts from any desktop or tablet in the facility which increases their productivity, helps them respond more quickly to customer demands and saves them time.

"Not only did we get a solution that is easy to use and works around the clock but also one that fits within our budget," says Glen Maus, President, Magee Plastics.

More about SITATEX online:

SITATEX Online is the latest addition to the SITATEX product portfolio, the leading operational mail platform which handles over 800 million messages every year and connects you with over 20,000 users. SITATEX Online offers an innovative mail solution that simplifies how air transport industry professionals collaborate and exchange information.

SITATEX Online and its optional SKYFORM Online offer a cost-effective solution to any size of corporation. It is available as a ‘single user license’ for smaller organizations requiring an easy-to- access-and-implement service, and an ‘enterprise user license’ for larger organizations requiring an easy way to administer and a seamless to roll-out service to multiple users regardless of their location.

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