With SITA WorldTracer® and SITATEX® solutions, GHASSIST S.A. unveils a new addition to our ground handling portfolio – “Lost and Found”. It provides a valuable tracking system for baggage with real-time data to increase efficiency, lower costs and improve passenger satisfaction.

Canda da Costa , Director de Sistema de Informação GHASSIST - Ground Handling Assistance, S.A.R.L
30 January 2018
GHASSIST S.A. meets SITA Customer stories

GHASSIST S.A. unveils “Lost and Found” which provides a valuable tracking system for baggage to improve passenger satisfaction.

Lost and Found: 

  • Accurately tracks mishandled bags with SITA WorldTracer
  • Enables real-time updates and communication between airlines and passengers with SITATEX
  • Improves baggage efficiency 

What's going on with GHASSIST?

Founded in 1997 in Luanda, GHASSIST has become a national leader in ground handling services that mainly focuses on the Angolan market. From cargo shipments, document handling and aircraft cleaning, to loading and unloading luggage, GHASSIST strives to provide exceptional ground handling services to their clients.

GHASSIST was recognized in 2016 for passing IATA’s Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) with excellence – a set of more than 200 procedures and norms overseen by ICAO and IATA.

Present-day GHASSIST has shaped itself into one of the most competitive and efficient ground handling service providers not only in Africa but also in the world. They have more than 800 employees who ensure all their services meet international standards. 

The turning point

GHASSIST wanted to offer a new service that would have a positive impact on the airlines they serve as well as their passengers. They decided to expand their current portfolio by including a “Lost and Found” service for mishandled bags - one of every airline’s biggest challenges. This new service would enable GHASSIST to help airlines alleviate costly compensation and unhappy travelers.

GHASSIST meets SITA technology

This new “Lost and Found” service was enabled through two SITA products– WorldTracer and SITATEX.

What is WorldTracer?

WorldTracer is the world’s only global tracing and baggage matching system. This system allows airlines and ground handlers to report lost and found bags so they may be returned to passengers as quickly and easily as possible.

What is SITATEX?

SITATEX is an operational messaging system designed for the air transport industry. It  allows multiple users within the industry to collaborate and message each other as well as passengers through one global system.

Since implementation, GHASSIST has offered this service to airlines and it has been well received. Airlines now have the opportunity to cut costs, be more efficient with bag handling and actively communicate with passengers in real-time – saving time and relieving headaches around the globe.

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