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Selecting SITA Express IP* was a no-brainer.  Its flexibility perfectly fits with our growth plans and offers us the cost-effective solution we were looking for.

Harald Spaniol , Leader Airport Deployment & Connection, airberlin
18 July 2013
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*SITA Express IP has a new name: CommunityConnect DCS.

Germany’s second largest airline, airberlin, has positioned itself as Europe’s seventh largest airline in terms of passengers in 2012, with over 33 million passengers flying through its extensive network covering 150 destinations in 40 countries.

To achieve this success, airberlin has focused on taking advantage of growth opportunities by adding new destinations and striving for higher levels of cost-efficiency.

This focus has led airberlin to take a critical look at its IT and communications infrastructure. They determined the connectivity and reliability levels that were needed to ensure that their staff could effectively collaborate and provide passenger services. In addition, airberlin reviewed its business model to make sure that the infrastructure spending matched both their cost-driven philosophy and the passenger experience they want to offer.

This balance between growth and cost effectiveness was  met by SITA with the design and deployment of an IP network solution; SITA Express IP.

More about SITA Express IP

SITA Express IP, with its additional Internet Access option, is designed to be interoperable with all current and future common-use terminal equipment (CUTE), giving a large degree of flexibility and satisfying airberlin’s requirements.

With this solution, airberlin shares SITA common-use IP infrastructure and can add new technologies as a means of streamlining the airport travel process, thus enabling the airline to increase CUTE or kiosk capacity on-demand and allowing them to effectively introduce or reduce routes to satisfy changing demand.

Running over SITA’s reliable IP VPN network and connecting airberlin’s CUTE workstations or kiosks with its departure control system host, SITA Express IP also meets airberlin’s financial requirements with predictable, monthly flat rate charges – a pricing scheme that makes cost budgeting and planning easier.

SITA Express IP is also simple to install: putting a new access in place is generally just a routine connection and configuration issue which can be set up in no time.

Ready for more growth

The rapidly expanding airline selected us to implement SITA Express IP installations at over 70 airports in 24 countries. Going forward, SITA Express IP is going to play a significant role in airberlin’s expanding network. Wherever airberlin flies in the future, they will be able to tap into SITA Express IP. At the same time, we’ll continue to expand our SITA Express IP footprint and make it available at more airports.

"Selecting SITA Express IP was a no-brainer. Its flexibility perfectly fits with our growth plans and offers us the cost-effective solution we were looking for," says Harald Spaniol, Leader Airport Deployment & Connection, airberlin.

More about SITA network solutions

With a footprint in over 220 countries and shared infrastructure at over 300 airports, SITA Network solutions offer a wide range of IP services. Our portfolio meets the connectivity needs of customers at airports, town offices and headquarters, enabling reliable connectivity to the host and applications.

SITA Network solutions aim to:

  • Deliver the broadest technology portfolio – integrated by SITA
  • Provide the best services and widest footprint at airports
  • Facilitate innovation and flexibility
  • Increase productivity and maximize efficiency

Customers requiring connectivity between remote sites and application hosts, whether at headquarters, hosted by third parties or in the cloud, can be served with our portfolio, using our airport communication products and services (such as CUTE, MDNS, Express IP and IP VPN at Airports) designed specifically for airport-based customers.

"We’re offering Express IP in over 360 airports. Wherever airberlin will fly to in the future, we’ll be able to get them connected in no time through our existing shared infrastructure,” Rukmini Glanard, VP Communications & Infrastructure Solutions, SITA.

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