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SITA Airport Management

Our industry is forever changed by COVID-19, and its impact continues to rapidly change the processes and flows of airport operations.  As you cope with the evolving nature of health requirements and industry processes, SITA stands ready to help you protect the health and welfare of staff and travelers with solutions that aid in further reducing the spread of the virus.

As the world leader in airport operations, SITA stands ready to offer flexible, agile, and proven solutions to help airports emerge from current challenges and plan for the months and years ahead. Those solutions are detailed in our ‘Minding the distance’ positioning paper (highlighted below).

Building on that, we invite you to learn more about SITA Airport Management, the foundation of our Airport Operations capabilities, which allows airports and airlines to:

  • Control all operations from a central point
  • Optimize existing infrastructure
  • Standardize operations across multiple sites and multiple regions
  • Provide access to real-time data, allowing you to assign assets and resources more effectively
  • Ensure profitability and on-time performance
  • Recover quickly from inevitable disruptions
  • Improve existing systems and procedures and future-proof your business

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SITA Airport Management
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