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Baggage tracking: four airline implementation strategies

Published on  07 June 2018 02:59  by Andrew Price

Each airline’s way of implementing baggage tracking will be unique and will vary according to the airline’s strategy on hubs, networks and partnership. So, what are the most widely used approaches?

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Student innovation challenge

Published on  05 June 2018 01:38  by Amber Harrison

We asked students and entrepreneurs: "What information, tools or technology will the first-time air traveler in Africa need to make their journey easy, successful and enjoyable?"

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Innovating to eliminate mishandled baggage

Published on  31 May 2018 01:35  by Barbara Dalibard

The next big jump in baggage handling improvements will come through digital initiatives, such as providing passengers with real time baggage notifications and fast self-service bag drops.

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IoT offers the promise of smart cargo management

Published on  24 May 2018 05:29  by Arnaud Brolly

In a world where data and connectivity are leading the way, air cargo is about to be disrupted by new technologies capable of providing a higher level of service.

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Tech Trends in Travel

Published on  17 May 2018 10:15  by Tiffany Misrahi

Looking ahead, here are three megatrends in tech and travel, that I think have the potential to transform the industry.

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Intelligent baggage handling: lightening the load with AI

Published on  15 May 2018 09:20  by Matthys Serfontein

7.8 billion passengers taking to the skies by 2036 will put an enormous strain on baggage systems. Artificial intelligence (AI), promises to provide an effective solution.

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Technology - the pen and paper of our time

Published on  10 May 2018 08:50  by Amber Harrison

The SITA Air Transport Community Foundation aims to build ICT skills capability in the next generation of young people in Africa. We have partnered with PEAS to build and equip ICT labs in 15 schools.

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AI and tracking data: looking to other industries

Published on  07 May 2018 06:04  by Dr. Simon Tomlinson

The application of these new technologies to the world of travel promises some exciting developments but there is one piece of strong advice I have right now for professionals in the air transport industry.

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New baggage rules and IT promise to end lost luggage

Published on  02 May 2018 08:31  by Sébastien Fabre

It’s not long to go before IATA Resolution 753 comes into force. This resolution is set to make baggage handling operations take a serious look at the challenges they face.

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Poor data = big border risks

Published on  24 April 2018 09:09  by Peter Sutcliffe

Governments rely on data provided by carriers to perform a risk assessment on all people arriving or departing the country.

Why is the collaboration essential and data quality the key?

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