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Discover what aviation innovators are thinking and doing. Regular contributors include SITA executives as well as guest bloggers from airlines, airports and other air transport industry stakeholders.

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IoT – the ever connecting world around us

Published on  27 October 2016 11:47  by Jim Peters

From “smart homes” to your running shoes pushing data to your mobile, the hyper connected world is fast becoming a reality. SITA’s CTO, Jim Peters, takes a look at the IoT - potential barriers in the industry and the impact it will have on how we collaborate.

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Building our way out is not the answer

Published on  24 October 2016 10:21  by Jim Robinson

Airport infrastructure in many busy regions is capacity-challenged, causing delays, crowding and poor service levels. Physical solutions through airport development plans will not be able to cope with expected long-term growth.

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The four types of travelers – Which one are you?

Published on  20 October 2016 10:15  by Christelle Laverriere

With more and more technologies being introduced, this year’s Passenger IT Trends Survey sought to understand passenger emotions when faced with new technologies, and analyze their behavior based on those emotions. Christelle Laverriere, Market Insight Research Expert for SITA, walks us through the four distinct passenger profiles identified by the results and reveals what type of traveler she is.

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Not your average network

Published on  13 October 2016 10:37  by Pierre-Louis Biaggi

Controlling the costs of high bandwidth applications while maintaining performance is a challenge. Pierre-Louis Biaggi, VP of Orange Business Services Connectivity Business Unit, explains why companies like OBS are proposing alternative network models to their customers.

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Enabling a true IoT environment

Published on  06 October 2016 10:16  by Stuart Lodge

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not a new concept. Cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth capabilities have all attempted to enable the IoT before. Stuart Lodge, EVP of Global Sales & Partners for SigFox, details the challenges that must be overcome to enable a true IoT environment.

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Is blockchain the key to paperless travel?

Published on  29 September 2016 10:07  by Renaud Irminger

From incorporating blockchain technology, to various future application possibilities, Renaud Irminger, Director of SITA Lab, outlines the vision for the next generation of single token travel.

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Celebrating the future in Montreal

Published on  23 September 2016 06:00  by Randy Pizzi

I’m getting ready to enjoy the Airports Council International (ACI) 25th anniversary celebration in Montreal. It is a great city with very strong connections to the air transport industry. It is of course home to ICAO and the headquarters of IATA and ACI. SITA too has a strong presence there. 

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Managing single token travel at the border

Published on  22 September 2016 10:49  by Sean Farrell

Sean Farrell, Head of Portfolio Management for SITA, believes that the fast, secure and seamless walkthrough experience of single token travel is within reach of passengers today. However, it depends on the full integration with  immigration and border checks.

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Airlines across the journey – a future snapshot

Published on  21 September 2016 03:23  by Nigel Pickford

Robots, wearables, biometrics and virtual reality are sure to feature in everyday life by the year 2100. How can this technology be adopted successfully by airlines? Do passengers hold the answer?

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A data driven airport

Published on  14 September 2016 09:31  by Robert Kastelitz

From big data to improved passenger flow, Robert Kastelitz, CIO of Denver International Airport, discusses the technology allowing the airport to provide key, real-time information to their passengers.

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