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We care and we're willing to invest

Published on  17 July by John Newsome , Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
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Prior to implementing Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosks, on average, it took 3-4 minutes to process each passenger. Our border control infrastructure consisted of the same Customs and Border Protection (CBP) configuration found at airports throughout the United States.

High volumes of large aircraft from Europe, typically arriving in the afternoon and early evening, overwhelmed our CBP officers, causing lines to back up. Added to this were further delays in the summer months due to vacation schedules of families with children. Not surprisingly, we ended up with a lot of negative comments from arriving passengers.

With the new APC kiosks, we've reduced the average time from 3-4 minutes to 90 seconds. In that time, passenger information is sent to Washington, through multiple databases the CBP has to check, and then back to us. A full 747 with 420 passengers completes the process in roughly 30 minutes - about half of what it used to take.

Best of all, our passengers seem to be enjoying the process. Instead of complaints, we're seeing lots of smiles. They feel engaged in the process of moving themselves along. They are doing something instead of standing in line complaining about standing in line!

Orlando Airport is committed to improving the passenger experience. Our community is founded on making people happy, comfortable and safe. It starts at the airport. And it ends at the airport. We want to make our airport experience the finest in the world. We place an enormous emphasis on the fact that our passengers are our guests and our livelihood. For us, it's important for them to know that we care and we're willing to invest airport money to make their journey the best it can be.

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