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The new journey

Published on  30 June by Francesco Violante , CEO, SITA
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Let's work together to make it happen

The greater role played by IT and communications over recent years has uprooted the traditional passenger journey and replaced it with a brand new one.

Today's passengers expect to be connected as they travel - especially as they are embracing consumer IT trends at greater and greater speeds. The rise of self-service and the growing impact of big data, business intelligence, analytics, cloud and mobility are making the 'always connected' traveler a reality.

It's clear the vast majority of passengers think technology helps when traveling. This tells us there's scope to add further value for travelers, to give them greater choice and to constantly evolve their journey.

This will require airlines and airports to enable technology capabilities and drive adoption. SITA's technology and innovation -and our collaborative work with customers and industry associations like IATA and ACI - will play a significant part.

If we're going to create this new journey, continued investment in IT is essential - along with infrastructure based on global standards and interoperability between technologies, sharing data securely and using common processes and approaches.

Finally, we need to set aside who owns the passenger and work together to share the benefits of business intelligence and analytics, because these have great potential to improve our industry's processes and improve the passenger experience.

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