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The Airport CIO's watchlist

Published on  05 April by Ersin Inankul , CIO, Istanbul New Airport Construction
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Istanbul New Airport (İGA) is the largest infrastructure project in Turkey's history. In planning for its construction, our teams were well aware of the vital importance of information technology in its development and its ability to cope with high levels of capacity, both now and in the future. With three runways and one terminal with a capacity for 90 million passengers, IT is a big deal.

We regard the technology and systems underpinning the airport’s operation and evolution as crucial – not just for keeping the airport running at its most efficient, of course, but also for making sure of the best passenger experience we can deliver.

Putting into place the IT to achieve that, while catering for future growth and change, has been integral to our master plan at iGA. Given the importance of unlocking increasing amounts of data now available to us in the air transport industry, we’ve established a huge cutting-edge data center to act as the hub of the services we provide through the airport and to passengers. And mindful of IATA’s Resolution 753, we’re also providing the technology to enable the tracking of bags across the journey. This will help our airlines and of course tackle one of the biggest pain points for passengers today.

Being responsible for the building of iGA and its future evolution we must always look at the new technologies and innovations too. First, though, we’re placing the highest priority on cybersecurity, with the setting up of a cybersecurity center to monitor and respond to all threats. Smart technology for monitoring and controlling areas and assets around the airport is our other crucial mission, which is also where the Internet of Things (IoT) will play a critical role in the future. Managing car parking and guidance for the massive number of cars we’ll have is one area we’ve targeted. We’ll do the same for airside activity, as well.
There is another area where we focused where big data is involved: Airport Collaborative Decision-Making (A-CDM). We’re working hard with stakeholders in our airport to ensure we can make maximum use of data to bring about good levels of collaboration for the benefit of airport efficiency and passenger satisfaction. As for other technologies on our watchlist … well, there’s blockchain, of course, for identity management, along with artificial intelligence – both of which offer ground-breaking potential for services at iGA.

Read our full interview in Air Transport IT Review.

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