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Tablets - which way are you heading?

Published on  21 October by Benoit Vedel , Head of Airport Communications and Wireless, SITA
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This year's Airline IT Trends Survey revealed that 100% of airlines are investing in the mobile space. The vast majority of them are introducing - or planning to introduce - mobile devices for their crews, either in the cabin or the cockpit or both.

This industry-wide rollout raises a number of questions - first and foremost, Which platform should airlines opt for?

No easy answers

The market direction is far from clear.

Just as the consumer market has evolved in recent years, the enterprise market is shifting quickly. And if the consumer market is any indication, Apple's dominance may be short-lived. A host of lower-cost Androids have become available, and retailers in Europe are launching their own range of devices.

Apple will fight to hold its leadership in an increasingly fragmented and competitive market. Microsoft shows good signs of building on its existing position - but more work is needed to overcome their Windows' challenges. And Android, although starting from a weak base, is building strongly in the consumer market and may yet make the jump into the cabin.

Whatever happens in the market, tablets are a reality in today's cabin and will be standard in tomorrow's.

Which way are you heading?

Is your airline introducing tablets in the aircraft? Leave a comment below and let us know which platform you're choosing and why.

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