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One industry, one community

Published on  17 June by Francesco Violante , Chief Executive Officer, SITA
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SITA and IATA have been strategic partners for 25 years, but our collaborative roots date back to just after World War II. Through the decades we have worked together on strategic programs that have enhanced the air transport industry.

This shared history is just one reason SITA is excited about the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed earlier this year by our organizations. It signifies our commitment to reinforce the SITA and IATA relationship.

Just as importantly, it underlines the importance of taking a community approach to address some of the key challenges facing our industry. This approach is evident in initiatives such as IATA’s Simplifying the Business (StB) and Fast Travel programs. SITA’s remit includes exploring new technologies of potential benefit to the community, as well as ensuring its many players can work together through common approaches, standards, shared infrastructure and cost-effective use of technologies.

The MoU will increase opportunities for more community-based programs by establishing a structured process. New initiatives will be introduced with clearly defined scope, success criteria, resources, accountability and executive oversight. Success will be measured by the maturity of the initiatives and the benefits they provide to the industry.

SITA and IATA have always recognized the merit in working together to provide value to the community. As our industry becomes increasingly connected, with more demand for information sharing and greater dependence on online systems, the need to take a community approach also becomes increasingly important.

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