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New aircraft, new opportunities

Published on  13 November by David Stewart , Vice President, ICF International
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The rapid ramp-up of new-gen aircraft is going to accelerate demand for new e-enabled services. This demand brings fresh opportunities for airlines to make improvements over how things are done today – especially in the areas of flight management, operations control and passenger services.

On the flight management front, new technologies and data analytics will provide significant savings on flight times as well as operational and fuel costs.

Operations control "the part of the airline where the rubber hits the road" will see big advancements in short-term schedule optimization due to better coordination of crews, planes, ground handling, maintenance activity, catering services, and so on.

Passenger connections will be improved with better information management, as well as services onboard and off-board the aircraft.

Maintenance will also see significant improvements. Information availability, productivity, and integration and interactions between systems will be substantially improved by mobile technology, electronic records/task cards and XML.

Demand brings opportunities, which bring expectations. They're high, no doubt about it. Passengers want to be connected in the air the same as on the ground. They want the latest and greatest - oh, and at an affordable price, please.

The challenge is there, but remember: so too is the opportunity.

Learn more in my article in the latest Air Transport IT Review.

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