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iPhone 5 and NFC - Where to next?

Published on  25 September by Jim Peters , Chief Technology Officer, SITA
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So Apple didn't include NFC in iPhone 5. After personally announcing at our IT Summit in June that Apple's inclusion of NFC in the iPhone 5 would be the "slam dunk" to ensure NFC's future and rapid rollout, I am left still scratching my head. What will Apple do with NFC? And what level of adoption will there be without Apple's clear support?

Not all bad news

The good news is they didn't announce a proprietary implementation of an Apple-only NFC approach. In the meantime, they have put a form of a mobile wallet into iOS 6 with their new Passbook application - albeit without any support for credit card transactions, just coupons and tickets (and, of course, airline boarding passes).

So in the meantime, here at SITA we put support into the developer.aero Mobile Boarding Pass API for the Passbook application. We're also keeping an eye on other players, like Pay with Square, that are introducing whole new (read: disruptive) payment mechanisms.

What do you think?

What would a Pay with Square model look like for passenger processing at the airport? Based on your phone's GPS, they know you are at the airport, and your picture appears on an agent's iPad at the gate, and they simply click to board?

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