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Introducing SITAONAIR

Published on  28 July by Ian Dawkins , Chief Executive Officer, SITAONAIR
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Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen aircraft communications change as never before.

In the area of cockpit communications, the loss of MH370 last year and AF447 in 2009 has made change imperative. In the cabin, passengers have been clamoring for reliable in-flight connectivity.

Airlines have had to respond to what’s become a nose-to-tail issue. One that takes the aircraft’s entire connectivity needs – for passengers, cabin, cockpit, and aircraft health monitoring – into account, as well as air traffic navigation and control.

SITAONAIR was formed as a result of these needs, plus two others.

First, the need to provide a comprehensive approach – so the air transport community as a whole can benefit from new generation ‘e-enabled’ aircraft. Only by taking a community approach can we deliver against today’s requirements while also shaping how aircraft communications will evolve over the next 10 years.

Second, the need for synergy – which we’ve achieved by bringing together the strengths, market leadership and track records of two unique organizations: SITA and OnAir.

With its AIRCOM® services, SITA delivers the industry standard mission-critical air-to-ground communications services for aircraft, airline operations, air traffic service providers, and governments.

OnAir created the market for in-flight passenger connectivity internationally. Last year, 13 million passengers used OnAir’s in-flight mobile phone service, and 37% of passengers flying aircraft equipped with OnAir capabilities connected to the in-flight network.

SITAONAIR will build on this combined success in a collaborative way, taking the community approach I mentioned above. Over the next year, you’ll see us tackle more innovation, with more products being trialed, launched and implemented.

Learn more about SITAONAIR in my interview, “A nose-to-tail proposition,” in the latest Air Transport IT Review.

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