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Hack & Fly yields apps for next-gen airport experiences

Published on  11 June by Kevin O'Sullivan , Lead Architect, SITA Lab
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SITA was delighted to be a part of the joint Schiphol Airport/Aeroport du Paris organized hackathon, www.hackandfly.com, which took place in both airports last weekend.

There was no shortage of ideas and creativity in the use of new technologies and application programming interfaces (APIs) as developers from within the air transport industry, and also other industries, hacked their way through the weekend to create the ultimate airport experience.

Apps ranged from mobile messaging and wayfinding services that assist passengers navigating through the airport and security, to personalized parking and taxi/shuttle experiences and baggage assistance apps. Activities for kids and looking after elderly relatives in the airport were other themes that were also explored.

Beacons a hit

Beacons proved to be a popular choice with developers to enhance passenger experiences. Developer.aero APIs featured in a number of apps for baggage location, issuing boarding passes, retrieving beacon location information and providing airport data.

The ultimate winner, across both the Paris and Amsterdam hacks, was an indoor augmented reality (AR) / wayfinding app called Surf, which also provided an alarm to wake people up for their flights.

SITA looks forward to taking part in more hackathons in the future and providing a greater range of APIs to fuel the increasing appetite to create more personalized experiences for travelers using the latest gadgets and mobile devices.

Check out our range of Developer.aero APIs at www.developer.aero.

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