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Good news in baggage management

Published on  21 May by Nick Gates , Portfolio Director, SITA
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IATA Resolution 753 is a major advance that will impact every passenger – whether they know it or not. By 2018, airlines will be required to keep track of every item of baggage from start to finish. The resolution requires IATA members to “maintain an accurate inventory of baggage by monitoring the acquisition and delivery of baggage.”

The resolution is mandatory for IATA airlines, but it will also require airports to have IT systems and infrastructure in place to support airline compliance. This will involve a range of different parties at different points of the process.

The aim of Resolution 753 is to reduce mishandling by determining custody of every bag during each phase of the baggage process. This will increase passenger satisfaction while at the same time decreasing the possibility of baggage fraud.

Clearly, there are benefits for all parties – airlines, airports and passengers. But meeting IATA’s requirements will demand intelligent tracking capabilities, such as those offered by SITA’s BagJourney, which makes tracking data available to airlines and airports.

2018 is fast-approaching. The community of airports, airlines, ground handlers and suppliers must work together to meet the deadline.

Learn more in my column in the latest issue of the Air Transport IT Review.

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