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Expect. Extra.

Published on  05 May by Rob Watkins , SVP Service Management
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There is no doubt our industry is operating at a faster and faster pace. More passengers, more aircraft, flying more routes from more airports.

Technologies including mobility, ubiquitous connectivity and automation have set new standards. While it was only a few years ago that we were talking about the potential for an ‘always-on’ experience, the reality is that we are now living it.

It means the infrastructure which makes this happen needs to be available all day, every day, whenever it’s needed. Even brief outages can have serious knock-on consequences for airlines, airports passengers and staff.

IT uptime and business performance are now linked closer than ever. This means we are now involved in two very different worlds. The first is about risk management, proactive and pre-emptive for the things we can control. And, the second is incident management, for the things we can’t control

That is why we have over 2,000 dedicated service management people, many on site, who understand the importance of high, consistent performance, day in, day out.

They take end-to-end ownership of issues, working with other suppliers even if outside our area of responsibility. They understand the industry. They understand the importance of resolving issues quickly and efficiently. They appreciate that every minute counts for our customers.

Above and beyond

It is always nice to get thank you letters from customers and I continue to be truly amazed at how many times SITA staff have gone the extra mile, above and beyond any contractual obligations, to minimize the disruption to our customers.

Most of these situations happen behind the scenes, in many cases unseen, but sometimes the event is very visible. A good example is the work in the aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal last year. As the main gateway for getting humanitarian aid and commercial traffic into the country, it was vital the airport returned to normal operations in the shortest possible time.

Despite some of our staff being personally affected by the disaster, they worked tirelessly to get customers reconnected as quickly as possible. And they did so entirely of their own volition, without being asked.

This can-do spirit was also evident during the fire at Fiumicino Airport in Rome, which knocked out operations at the international terminal.

Our team immediately set about reconnecting and relocating customers in adjacent terminals and even different airports, in some cases. What’s most impressive is that they managed to restore operations in a matter of hours. 

Continual investment

We spend a lot of time and money on having the right technology, right people and right processes, and these investments in smart systems and smart people are proving extremely successful. Just last year we saw 82% of incidents being resolved in under two hours, and 98.5% of our customers have expressed that they are absolutely satisfied, very satisfied or satisfied with SITA's service

This is good news for our customers, but we know there is much more to do.

But there will always be the occasional incident, so while our main focus is on driving performance through prevention, we also recognize the importance of being well prepared for the unexpected by being ready to go beyond the contract, beyond what is expected of us.

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