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Embedding CSR into our business

Published on  23 October by Amber Harrison , Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, SITA
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At SITA, we often get asked about what we're doing as a business in the areas of social responsibility and the environment. The questions can be a requirement in the sales process, part of a responsible supply chain program, or are raised by individuals. Wherever the queries come from it shows that these areas are of interest, so I'd like to share a little of what we're doing.

We've been running our corporate social responsibility (CSR) program for a few years now. There's always been activity happening in SITA, but by pulling the different elements under one umbrella, we defined the CSR focus areas that form the core of our CSR strategy.

Early on we recognized that working to international frameworks would help us. That's why we chose to map our business against the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) 10 Principles, and see where we needed to direct our efforts. And we signed the UNGC in 2012.

The implementation of our environmental management system (EMS) in 2010 has helped us to record our energy consumption, and we now measure emissions from energy use in offices for around 65% of our office-based employees. To help reduce the amount of energy used we've been installing energy efficient and motion sensitive lighting in a number of sites. When it comes to travel, we currently track 85% of the emissions generated from flying. And, as you'd expect from an IT company, we use technology such as videoconferencing to make business easier.

Of course, changes have to be made to how the business operates as well to embed CSR practices. That's meant reviewing and updating relevant policies, and looking at areas like responsible supply chain. In 2010 we developed a supplier code of conduct, and our supply chain is now being asked how they are addressing environmental and social concerns.

As part of our commitment to community, we put in place a formal volunteering program. Called SITA VIVA - Value in Volunteer Action - it allows every employee to take a day's paid leave to support a community activity. We've seen very positive outcomes with VIVA, with work taking place all over the world, but we'll share more on this in a future post.

These are just a few highlights. You can read more in our CSR Report, get in touch with us through csr@sita.aero or leave a comment below.

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