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Day two of the 2016 Air Transport IT Summit

Published on  26 May by Arthur Calderwood , Senior Vice President, Marketing & Sales Operations
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As the 2016 Air Transport IT Summit draws to a close and people head back to their home countries I can take a step back and gather my thoughts on what has been another fantastic event.

After an insightful first day we wandered down to Picasso’s old school in Barcelona’s famous Gothic District for the gala dinner where we were enjoyed a night of flamenco dancing and delicious food. I think Picasso himself would have approved. I don’t know any other industry event where so many genuine friendships are made and reunited. So I wasn’t surprised to see so many animated conversations at dinner and at the hotel bar after.

We’ve always believed in the power of combining speakers from the air transport industry with experts who can bring new and exciting angles from other industries. And today’s speaker line up showed us just how engaging the right mix of speakers can be.

We had two sessions covering the future of search which were really fascinating. Cognitive computing is a hot topic and both Terry Jones from WayBlazer and Marcin Brodziak from Google showed us how computers and mobile devices can now understand the intricacies of language to offer a better search experience. And another lesson today was that cognitive computers learn as they go, making them one of the few things in the world that become more valuable as they get older.

The Internet of Things and machine learning offer many opportunities for the air transport sector and it was interesting to hear what our speakers thought were the most valuable and viable applications, in particular getting the view from world leader Intel. Once again, we heard how important collaboration will be if we are serious about bringing these applications to life.

A big thank you goes to this year’s speakers and participants for showing us why the IT Summit has become the go-to event for anyone interested in air transport technology. For a more detailed round up of this year’s show, you can watch Catherine Mayer’s great summary in the below video. It’s well worth a watch.    

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