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CSR Report 2015

Published on  12 July by Amber Harrison , Director
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Acting locally, on a global scale

We've come a long way since our first corporate social responsibility (CSR) Report was published in 2012. Back then, we were fairly new to the concept of CSR – although we had been working on social and environmental activities in one form or another for some time.

As we release our fourth CSR report, we took the opportunity to look back at what we’ve achieved. The theme for this year was ‘Acting locally, on a global scale’, and we chose it because it reflected the variety of activities that we have in place around the world. From environmental management to community engagement, our people have supported a wide number of initiatives.

A personal commitment

Many of the activities undertaken throughout the year have been initiated and led by our people. With a workforce that spans countries and continents, the issues that matter to them – and their local communities - are broad and varied. We’re pleased that last year we topped 1,000 volunteering days recorded by employees since we started our Value in Volunteer Action (VIVA) program. Every one of those days has been spent supporting a local charity or project, and in many cases the support given has made a real difference to those in the community. As an organization our people have also come together to support those in need – no more so than in response to the earthquake in Nepal. Our airport teams on the ground worked tirelessly to resume operations, while also helping others in difficult circumstances. And across the globe their colleagues raised money and collected essential items for the relief efforts.

Environmental concerns

In our first CSR report, we had started to record our energy consumption and emissions. Five years on we have broadened our reporting scope and the data collection system that we put in place is now a fully certified ISO14001 environmental management system. We have reduced our environmental impact and we continue to make improvements.



With each office refresh our equipment and facilities become more energy efficient. And in our portfolio we have solutions that are helping our industry with their own sustainability concerns.


It's a journey

While we have made great strides since that first report, there is always more to do. With the release of the new UN Sustainable Development Goals we are looking within our business to see how we can support a better life for all. Our SITA Air Transport Community Foundation is a good example of this – supporting education in Africa – but it's just the first step. Our latest report explores more on diversity, stakeholder engagement and our working practices, and we are keen to extend this further. We are looking forward to sharing our progress – take a look at our journey so far.

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