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Collaboration fundamental to aviation cybersecurity

Published on  07 February by Philippe-Emmanuel Maulion , Head of Corporate Information Security Office, SITA
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The recently launched ‘Air Transport Cybersecurity Insights 2018’ points to a rise in planned cybersecurity spend in our industry, but it says existing challenges are delaying progress. Having too few resources impacts 78% of aviation organizations, it says, while budget constraints frustrate 70% of them.

It also shows that proactive protection is becoming a primary driver, with over 70% of airports saying disruption of operations is their biggest concern. Airlines feel the same, though assign a similar level of importance to protecting passenger data. Ransomware, phishing and advanced persistent threats are cited as constant threats.

The clear message is that as a community we must empower cybersecurity teams, leverage capability, share information, as well as reduce the time to gain insight between threats and the manifestations of those threats.

Cybersecurity budgets

Collaboration will lead to proactive protection

The sharing of information on cyber threats, vulnerabilities and impacts, is now widely accepted as pivotal to the effective management of cyber risks. By working together, we can achieve more through collaboration and be better prepared to respond to the challenge placed upon us.

Most airlines and airports have put into place core safeguards and are working toward proactive protection – with a focus on detection of external threats and prevention of disruption. Today, 44% of airlines and airports have a formal Information Security Strategy in place, according to SITA’s Air Transport CyberSecurity Insights. By 2021, almost all of the surveyed organizations will have a formal cyber strategy.

Community Cyber Threat Center

Through the Community Cyber Threat Center (CCTC), a complimentary service open to cybersecurity professionals at SITA member organizations, SITA facilitates the exchange of actionable security information. This information helps industry stakeholders e.g. airlines and airports to identify potential threats to their systems. Launched in 2017, following a collaborative design and development process, the CCTC aims to foster collaboration, facilitate direct engagement among its members and enable community-wide exchange of cyber threat intelligence via its sharing platform.

Through the Center, participating organizations receive automated threat intelligence feeds providing indicators of compromise (IOC). Exchange threat intelligence advisories include (where possible) tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by cyber criminals. Also included is information on cyber campaigns targeting our industry or relevant to our industry and notifications of stolen credentials exposed on the open, deep and dark web. Member organizations also receive a weekly news digest on key stories and the latest cyber activity impacting our industry. Since becoming operational the CCTC, has shared over 120 alerts and 30 threat intelligence advisories.

To build trust and foster increased communication among users of the center, meetings are held to share insights and mitigation strategies, as well as discuss the evolving cyber threat landscape. A directory of fellow subscribers is also available through the CCTC.

Learn more about how you can participate

Visit the Community Cyber Threat Center

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