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Pierre Guiol , Senior Product Manager - NDC and New Data Services, SITA

NDC for sellers: The other side of the coin

There’s been a lot of buzz around New Distribution Capability (NDC). Much of that coverage, however, has focused on airlines. So how can travel sellers reap the benefits?

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Pierre Guiol , Senior Product Manager - NDC and New Data Services, SITA

New Distribution Capability (NDC): How do you solve connectivity challenges?

Making the decision to embrace NDC wasn't easy, but now you face your next challenge: How are you going to connect your seller partners to your NDC APIs? Do you have enough resources to connect to hundreds of sellers? Here are the top five questions you should consider now.

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Etienne van Zuijlen , Sales Specialist Senior Manager, SITA

Stockholm, here we come!

Only a few days to go before more than 7,000 airport executives from all over the world will gather for the biggest airport conference and exhibition of the year: PTE 2018.

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Dominique El Bez , VP Portfolio Management, SITA

NDC the next game changer

NDC is expected to change the overall commercial activities of the industry. Dominique El Bez, SITA and Ian Ryder, SITA discuss the need for airlines to be ready to expose their products through NDC and the challenges to the adoption of NDC by the multiple stakeholder.

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