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Sabine Taillardat , Cabin Connectivity Solution Team Manager, SITA

Making passengers’ smart devices their inflight control center

Throughout the industry's post-COVID-19 recovery and beyond, personal electronic devices (PEDs) will remain central in ensuring a safe, touchless journey for passengers.

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Carlos Kaduoka and Lorenzo Belicchi , SITA

Returning to the skies: the next steps

Airports across Europe are collaborating on the steps needed to bring about a return to the skies. Led by ACI Europe, the initiative has resulted in a range of guidelines for a safe and healthy passenger experience.

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Jonathan Weinberg , Freelance Journalist

10 ways APIs can revolutionize aviation post-Coronavirus

What do you think? We'd like to hear your views on the future role of APIs.

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Andrew O'Connor , VP Portfolio Management, SITA

Taking the steps now towards mobile and low-touch air travel

How can we rethink operations and remodel processes to restore passenger trust and build the airport experience of the future?

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Jeremy Springall , Vice-President Border Management, SITA

Technology will help protect ‘Travel Bubbles’ from popping

Can this simple but elegant idea help combat the likelihood of COVID-19 resurgence?

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Adrew O'Connor , VP Portfolio Management, SITA

Air transport technology: enabling the 'new normal'

How can we begin to forge the collaboration vital to create a leaner, safer and smarter air transport industry that rebuilds the trust and confidence of passengers?

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Gilles Bloch-Morhange , ATS Airlines & Airports / VP SITA Platform

Choosing the right platform is critical to tomorrow's seamless passenger experience

As the air transport industry plans for the next digital decade, how can we create a shared but secure ecosystem of information that can unite processes and operations?

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