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Christoph Kleinsorg , Group Chief Information Officer, Swissport

We must work together to unlock data insights

Passengers expect their journey to be digitally-driven with information at their fingertips. What's the key to making real-time data readily available?

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Barry McLaughlin , Lead Architect, Advanced Technology Office, SITA Lab

Why aviation needs to get the measure of blockchain

Every day, the 1 trillion or so connected devices in the world generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. The impact is phenomenal.

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Barbara Dalibard , CEO, SITA

Delivering a seamless, data-driven journey

Last week I was in Antwerp, where one topic persistently came up over the two days. It was one that really resonated with me.

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Tim Strong , Senior Security Manager for SITA Global Services

We need complete confidence in data security

With information security and air transport so inextricably linked, what standard is critical for a global IT provider to achieve?

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Ian Ryder , Vice President Strategy Management, Air Travel Solutions, SITA

Smarter collaboration is key to the future of air travel

We all know that the air transport industry’s complex ecosystem is built on collaboration. How can emerging technologies enable collaboration in increasingly effective ways?

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Michael Schellenberg , Director of Integration and Services, SITA

Cybersecurity: We 'get' the risks, but we 'must do better'

Yes, Cybersecurity spend is on the up. Airports and airlines are allocating bigger budgets for the year ahead and planning a shift in emphasis.

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Gustavo Pina , Director, SITA Lab

Congratulations - it's Digital Twins!

Digital Twins have the potential to be the universal interface to get the needed value out of information across all the stakeholders in the airport, in many different ways.

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Allison O'Neill , Vice President, Passenger Solutions, SITA

Do you know the next steps in your PSS journey?

Airlines don’t always follow the same path to growth. Along the way, there will be decisions about which business direction to take next.

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Gilles Bloch-Morhange , ATS Products & Solutions, Head of SITA Platform

5G Connecting now - connecting fast

With this availability of high-speed secured bandwidth, airlines and airports will be able to develop new solutions, for both passengers and operations, ones that just weren’t possible before.

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Andy Smith , Head of Business Development, Border Management & Government Services, Europe, SITA

Is your Passenger Information Unit (PIU) ready to receive?

The PNR Directive states carriers must transfer PNR data for all passengers into a PIU for analysis and investigation. Is your PIU ready to receive? Are you ready to send the data?

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