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Blogs on cyber security


Michael Schellenberg , Director, Integration and Services, SITA

Don't be complacent about cybersecurity

No industry or country in the world is immune from cyber attack. 

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Dominic Nessi , Former CIO of Los Angeles World Airports

Addressing the growing cyber threat

Cyber threats, capable of attacking any connected device, arise everyday and certain regions are more prepared than others to tackle these threats. With passenger numbers increasing, Dominic Nessi, former CIO of Los Angeles World Airports, discusses the need for a common, 10-step approach for worldwide cybersecurity within our industry.

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Dr. Simon Moores , Security Futurist and Risk consultant

Aviation cyberthreats - the weakest link

Key speaker at the recent IT Summit, Security Futurist and Risk consultant Dr. Simon Moores, shares fascinating insight into cybersecurity threats facing organizations. He identifies the broader threats for aviation and the weakest link.

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Pierre Guiol , End User Computing & DaaS Product Manager

Software distribution - the easy way

How do you keep all of your hardware devices updated when they are spread across so many different airports in so many far-flung countries?

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Thomas Gourgeon , Head of Internal Operations, Orange Cyberdefense

Tackling cyber threats

Thomas Gourgeon, Head of Internal Operations, Orange Cyberdefense,  highlights the  vulnerability of companies and the related challenges in terms of prevention, detection and reaction to cyber threats.

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Faye Francy , Executive Director, A-ISAC

Cybersecurity - could stakeholder collaboration mitigate cyber-attacks?

Faye Francy, Executive Director of the Aviation Information Sharing and Analysis Center, puts great emphasis on the need for collaboration and information sharing in the fight against cyber-attacks.

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