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Senior Manager Product & Strategy, SITA FOR AIRCRAFT

Aircraft data management for the future

New generation aircraft produce data like never before. What do these advances mean for airlines and their aviation digital service partners?

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Gustavo Pina , Director, SITA Lab

Congratulations - it's Digital Twins!

Digital Twins have the potential to be the universal interface to get the needed value out of information across all the stakeholders in the airport, in many different ways.

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Gilles Bloch-Morhange , ATS Products & Solutions, Head of SITA Platform

5G Connecting now - connecting fast

With this availability of high-speed secured bandwidth, airlines and airports will be able to develop new solutions, for both passengers and operations, ones that just weren’t possible before.

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Etienne van Zuijlen , Sales Specialist Senior Manager, SITA

Stockholm, here we come!

Only a few days to go before more than 7,000 airport executives from all over the world will gather for the biggest airport conference and exhibition of the year: PTE 2018.

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Pierre Guiol , End User Computing & DaaS Product Manager

Software distribution - the easy way

How do you keep all of your hardware devices updated when they are spread across so many different airports in so many far-flung countries?

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Joe Leader , CEO, APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association)

Could not having inflight connectivity impact airline seat sales?

Joe Leader, CEO, APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association) explains that with passengers placing a higher priority on value than seat price passenger experience is becoming decisive and inflight connectivity is playing a major role - and not just about entertainment or the ability to connect to family or friends.

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Steve Statler , Writer, public speaker, and consultant working in the beacon ecosystem

Digital and physical worlds collide

Beacons are simple. They have the ability to trigger actions in apps running on smartphones when those phones come into proximity with the beacon.

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