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Thomas Deillon , Portfolio Director, SITA

Aviation's capacity crunch

Will data or collaboration solve it?

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Kier-co Gerritsen , Business Development Director, SITA Border Management Portfolio

The advent of 'Border Automation 2.0'

We’re already seeing is a distinct shift towards new capabilities that will form a vital part of the second wave of border automation.

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Nathalie Abdallah , VP Business Management, Air Travel Solutions, Europe, SITA

Were you in London? Did you see what I saw?

See my prediction of what will make the seamless passenger journey a reality. We are seeing pockets of success and widespread adoption will really give passengers what they want.

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Sean Farrell , Portfolio Director, Government and Security Solution Line, SITA

Taking steps now to realize the seamless passenger journey

The question is, how do you establish a global identity management system where passengers enroll once and then use that single, digital identity to travel the world?

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Pierre-Yves Benain , Portfolio Head e-aircraft, SITAONAIR

Connected aircraft: how to unlock data and make it useful

If we can successfully unleash data from the new generation of connected aircraft, then we can totally transform airline operations, from maintenance to flight safety.

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Gustavo Pina , Director, SITA Lab

Congratulations - it's Digital Twins!

Digital Twins have the potential to be the universal interface to get the needed value out of information across all the stakeholders in the airport, in many different ways.

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Dr. Simon Tomlinson , Data Science Business Engagement Manager, Lancaster University

AI and tracking data: looking to other industries

The application of these new technologies to the world of travel promises some exciting developments but there is one piece of strong advice I have right now for professionals in the air transport industry.

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Fraser McGibbon , Product Manager, Disruption Management, SITA

Predicting OTP: Are we there yet?

Flight disruption results in significant costs to the air transport industry. Airlines alone spend in excess of USD$25 billion per year as a result of poor on-time performance. Can we bring more certainty to flight times through AI?

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Etienne van Zuijlen , Sales Specialist Senior Manager, SITA

Stockholm, here we come!

Only a few days to go before more than 7,000 airport executives from all over the world will gather for the biggest airport conference and exhibition of the year: PTE 2018.

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Jim Peters , Chief Technology Officer (CTO), SITA

AI: ready for take off at an airport near you

SITA’s research reveals that around half of airlines and airports say they’re planning to adopt predictive tools, using AI and cognitive computing, over the coming five to ten years.

We’ll see radical changes in how people get on and off planes and how airlines get their planes in and out of airports.

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