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Vice-President Border Management, SITA

Economic recovery depends on opening borders quickly and safely

What are the best actions to tackle the practicalities of making travel safe, placing health as a top concern alongside security and operational safety – to restore passenger confidence and trust?

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Jeremy Springall , Vice-President Border Management, SITA

Technology will help protect ‘Travel Bubbles’ from popping

Can this simple but elegant idea help combat the likelihood of COVID-19 resurgence?

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Director, Global Government & Industry Relations, SITA

It's imperative we understand biometrics in air travel

Do you understand configuring biometric solutions for different thresholds to match different needs, demands and risks?

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Garry Kelly , Senior Solution Architect, SITA Lab

A turning point in aviation's identity and data management

Could this be the solution to the digital identity challenge?

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Nesan Jegasothy , Senior Portfolio Manager, Border Management Portfolio, ATS, SITA

How can we create frictionless, secure, high capacity biometric borders?

Biometric technology has come a long way, providing a far higher degree of certainty. Add to that the ability to use video feeds to verify passenger identities ‘on the move’ and imagine the potential.

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Matthys Serfontein , President, Air Travel Solutions, SITA

Are you planning for the post digital passenger?

In a newly released paper, SITA’s research shows that new digital travelers want much more control of their journey. They have grown up with technology, mobile in particular, and fully expect it to manage every aspect of their lives.

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Sean Farrell , Portfolio Director, Air Travel Solutions, SITA

The changing face of travel in a post-digital age

What will air travel look like in a society where most of the global population has grown up with digital technology?

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Kier-co Gerritsen , Business Development Director, SITA Border Management Portfolio

The advent of 'Border Automation 2.0'

We’re already seeing is a distinct shift towards new capabilities that will form a vital part of the second wave of border automation.

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Barry McLaughlin , Lead Architect, Advanced Technology Office, SITA Lab

Are we heading into the teenage years of Blockchain?

In the second half of 2018, SITA launched the Aviation Blockchain Sandbox. Now, six months on, what have we learned?

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Sean Farrell , Portfolio Director, Government and Security Solution Line, SITA

Taking steps now to realize the seamless passenger journey

The question is, how do you establish a global identity management system where passengers enroll once and then use that single, digital identity to travel the world?

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