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Andy Smith , Head of Business Development, Border Management & Government Services, Europe, SITA

Is your Passenger Information Unit (PIU) ready to receive?

The PNR Directive states carriers must transfer PNR data for all passengers into a PIU for analysis and investigation. Is your PIU ready to receive? Are you ready to send the data?

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Peter Sutcliffe , Head of Border Management Portfolio, ATS, SITA

Poor data = big border risks

Governments rely on data provided by carriers to perform a risk assessment on all people arriving or departing the country.

Why is the collaboration essential and data quality the key?

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Sean Farrell , Portfolio Director, Government and Security Solution Line

IATA OneID: building consensus in a multi-stakeholder collaboration

ID management, based on biometric facial recognition, has become a more viable and secure technology, but expanding its use requires the development of standards and industry best practices.

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Etienne van Zuijlen , Sales Specialist Senior Manager, SITA

Stockholm, here we come!

Only a few days to go before more than 7,000 airport executives from all over the world will gather for the biggest airport conference and exhibition of the year: PTE 2018.

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Kevin O'Sullivan , Lead Engineer, SITA Lab

Blockchain in air travel

This is a new world – a world in which businesses can quickly contract, exchange services, record transactions, manage payment and disengage in near-absolute security.

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Jim Peters , Chief Technology Officer

Let's face it! Biometric identity is going main stream...

With Apple’s new iPhone X facial biometric identity verification system, we will see a lot more people using their face to validate who they are, but what does that mean for security at airports?

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Armin Ebrahimi , CEO, ShoCard

Is blockchain technology the answer?

Armin Ebrahimi, CEO at ShoCard, believes that blockchain technology could help revolutionize identity management with its ability to maintain traveler data privacy.

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Sean Farrell , Portfolio Director, Government Solution Line

Securing the border in times of uncertainty

Vetting such large numbers of people without increasing resources or significantly harming the passenger experience is a huge challenge for border management agencies. Recent international terrorism events only increase the stakes.

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