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Sean Farrell , Portfolio Director, Government and Security Solution Line, SITA

Taking steps now to realize the seamless passenger journey

The question is, how do you establish a global identity management system where passengers enroll once and then use that single, digital identity to travel the world?

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Matthys Serfontein , President, Air Travel Solutions, SITA

How strong investment in digitization will transform the passenger journey

To what extent are airlines and airports investing in future-focused technologies to provide the secure and seamless travel vital to the future of the industry?

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Gustavo Pina , Director, SITA Lab

Innovating with a community mindset

To survive the steep growth forecasted in air transport, it’s critical that we collaborate as a community to embrace the new technologies that will revolutionize the way our industry works.

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Arnaud Brolly , Portfolio Manager - Airline Operations, Air Travel Solutions, SITA

Blockchain & IoT: a dream team

The potent combination of these two technologies is triggering exciting new applications that will build trust, reduce costs, improve transparency and provide critical security.

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Matthys Serfontein , President, Air Travel Solutions, SITA

Insights into our future

Technology promises to solve many of the pressing issues faced by the industry and airlines and airports are investing across the board to harness it. But which technologies will really work?

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Barry McLaughlin , Lead Architect, Advanced Technology Office, SITA Lab

Let's collaborate to explore blockchain: SITA's 'Aviation Blockchain Sandbox'

The challenge of setting up a multi-organization blockchain network is not trivial. Who sets it up? How do we interact with it? What governance needs to happen? Who maintains the network? How do we get started?

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