Andrew Price , Head, Global Baggage Operations, IATA

Baggage tracking: four airline implementation strategies

Each airline’s way of implementing baggage tracking will be unique and will vary according to the airline’s strategy on hubs, networks and partnership. So, what are the most widely used approaches?

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Barbara Dalibard , Chief Executive Officer, SITA

Innovating to eliminate mishandled baggage

The next big jump in baggage handling improvements will come through digital initiatives, such as providing passengers with real time baggage notifications and fast self-service bag drops.

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Matthys Serfontein , Vice President, Portfolio & Solutions Management, SITA

Intelligent baggage handling: lightening the load with AI

7.8 billion passengers taking to the skies by 2036 will put an enormous strain on baggage systems. Artificial intelligence (AI), promises to provide an effective solution.

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Sébastien Fabre , Vice President, Solutions at Airport, SITA

New baggage rules and IT promise to end lost luggage

It’s not long to go before IATA Resolution 753 comes into force. This resolution is set to make baggage handling operations take a serious look at the challenges they face.

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Etienne van Zuijlen , Sales Specialist Senior Manager, SITA

Stockholm, here we come!

Only a few days to go before more than 7,000 airport executives from all over the world will gather for the biggest airport conference and exhibition of the year: PTE 2018.

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Ilya Gutlin , President, Air Travel Solutions, SITA

Self-service - the new normal?

Singapore Changi Airport’s recently opened Terminal 4 offers a true start-to-end automated experience with no human contact required - a great example of IATA’s FAST initiative in action.

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Nigel Pickford , Director, Market Insight and Marketing Operations, SITA

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

It’s human curiosity and the need for reassurance which I believe has driven a major technological development in the air transport industry. We now have the power - the Future is Predictable and airlines and airports are investing in it.

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Caroline Camilli-Gay , Program Manager, SITA Lab

The benefits of RFID

After a hiatus of more than a decade, the development and deployment of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to track bags is once again well under way. This is a technology that both SITA and IATA strongly support.

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Caroline Camilly-Gay , Project Manager, SITA

Track me all the way

Caroline Camilli-Gay, Project Manager, SITA  discusses how new emerging bag tracking technologies, from smart tags and scanning infrastructure, will meet the challenge of IATA Resolution 753.

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